Head-to-head comparison of password managers with interactive grid

Back when I was CISO of Quantopian, I did a competitive analysis of five different password managers because we wanted to switch the one the company was using. I wrote an article about that analysis which included an interactive grid for selecting important feature sets and then comparing any two of the password managers in the grid to each other to see which one came out on top. That article proved to be quite popular, and I eventually added a sixth password manager to the grid.

Below, I’ve upgraded the grid, fixing some errors in the original article, updating data which has changed since the original article was published, and adding a seventh password manager, RoboForm.

I’ve also added a new feature to the grid. If you check any of the boxes in the “Required?” column on the left, then password managers that don’t fully satisfy that requirement (i.e., they are rated “yes” for it) will be removed from the grid. This should make it easy to winnow down your choices quickly by selecting a few key features you care about.

For what it’s worth, at my current gig we’re leaning toward 1Password.

The JavaScript embedded below is available at https://github.com/jikamens/password-manager-comparer. Pull requests to update the data or add additional password managers are welcome!




Recent changes (from Github)

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