“This Modern World” added to comics aggregator

By way of penance for not removing JumpStart from my comics aggregator much sooner, I have added Tom Tomorrow’s This Modern World. It comes out early Tuesday mornings. There’s also a “(1-day delay)” version in case you like to read your comics in the middle of the night and don’t want to miss it. Quoting… Read More »

Neighborhood CVS reneges on agreement to allow neighbors to park in lot, has them towed

[If you’re just arriving at this story for the first time, start here.] Chapter 3: The Verdict Alas, the magistrate ruled in favor of CVS, so I’m out the $150 towing fee, plus the $4.60 for the letter I sent them demanding reimbursement, plus the $40 small claims fee. D’oh. These decisions do not typically… Read More »