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Neighborhood CVS reneges on agreement to allow neighbors to park in lot, has them towed

[If you’re just arriving at this story for the first time, start here.] Chapter 3: The Verdict Alas, the magistrate ruled in favor of CVS, so I’m out the $150 towing fee, plus the $4.60 for the letter I sent them demanding reimbursement, plus the $40 small claims fee. D’oh. These decisions do not typically… Read More »

Neighborhood CVS reneges on agreement to allow neighbors to park in lot, has them towed

Chapter 1: The Incident My wife and I moved into our home in 1997. When we moved in, the neighborhood grocery store half a block from our house had just closed and was in the process of being replaced by a CVS which is still there today. Our new neighbors told us of the following:… Read More »

Bye Bye, Citizens Bank

Last July, when we were preparing for our trip to Israel, I called Citizens Bank and asked this simple question: “What is the least expensive way for me to get Israeli sheqels out of my Citizens Bank checking account?” In response, the customer service representative told me the following: The fee for withdrawing currency from… Read More »

Honda Village is still at it; let’s see if the threat of a class-action lawsuit will put a stop to it!

[You can read the whole series of Honda Village postings here.] January 22, 2010 Ray Ciccolo Village Automotive Group 75 North Beacon Street Allston, MA 02134-1912 Dear Mr. Ciccolo, Once again, I find myself sending you a M.G.L. Chapter 93a letter because of Honda Village’s deceptive trade practices. In June 2009, Honda Village started sending… Read More »

The end of the C5280 saga, the beginning of the PIXMA MP830 era

The $600 check and the four FedEx return shipping labels from HP arrived. the three C5280 printers and all of the associated photo paper and ink cartridges have been boxed up, labels have been applied, and FedEx has been called for pick-up. God willing, the check will be deposited later today. I just sent a… Read More »

The end of the C5280 saga (almost)

On the morning of May 20, I filed suit against Hewlett-Packard in small claims court. Here’s the filing, if you’re curious (click on the thumbnail for a larger view): Shortly after filing the suit, I faxed a copy of the filing to my HP case manager. On May 22, someone from HP called to discuss… Read More »