C5280: Two few labels, no check

By | June 6, 2008

Note that in my last blog entry about my battle with HP over the C5280, the email from HP said that they were going to send me three FedEx labels. I wrote back immediately upon receipt of that letter and told them that if they wanted me to return the ink cartridges and photo paper, they were going to have to send four FedEx labels instead of three. They did not respond.

Today, I received a FedEx from HP with not four labels, or even three labels, but just one label, and of course no check.

I just sent this email:

Ms. [elided],

Not only did I not receive four FedEx labels to enable me to send back all three printers and a box containing the photo paper and ink cartridges I don’t want, I actually received via FedEx today only one FedEx label, and no check.

To be clear: I will not consider this matter resolved and notify the court that the small claims case can be dismissed until (a) I’ve received a check for $600 from HP, and (b) I’ve received EITHER three FedEx labels to send back the printers and a written assurance from you that you don’t want the paper and cartridges returned, OR four FedEx labels so that I can send back the paper, cartridges, and printers.

Thank you,

  Jonathan Kamens

It’s amazing that they can’t even lose properly.

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