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Das Keyboard comes from behind for the win

I recently received a package from Metadot, the creators of Das Keyboard. It contained: Here’s what the enclosed note says: The day before, I’d received another package from them, containing a brand new Das Keyboard. From the “We’re sorry we messed up!” you might suspect that there’s a less positive back story leading up to… Read More »

UPDATED: Awesome flash charger for portable device power on the road

UPDATE [2013-07-31]: I have withdrawn my recommendation for No More Rack, and I discourage you from patronizing them. It’s rare for me to be so pleased with a particular merchant that I feel compelled to rave about them on my blog, and even rarer for me to feel that way about a particular product, but… Read More »

Zipcar! w00t!

I recently joined Zipcar.  I have been incredibly impressed in all of my dealings with them.  Some examples… Like just about every other company nowadays, Zipcar has a form on their Web site you can use to send them a message.  However, unlike most other companies, they also publish an actual email address you can… Read More »