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Honda Village up to its old tricks

Long-time readers of my blog will remember the saga of Honda Village, which offended me to the nth degree after we bought a minivan from them back in 2007, first by incessantly spamming my wife and me for many months despite many requests for them to stop, and then by incessantly sending us junk mail… Read More »

Canceling my previous recommendation for

I recently recommended a flash charger for cell phones and other devices, being sold by for a great price. I stand by recommendation of that particular product, but I find it necessary to withdraw my recommendation for They strongly encourage their customers to recommend their site and products to friends and relatives, and… Read More »

Phone phishing scam of the day

I got a call on my cell phone at about 2:20pm (US/Eastern) today whose caller ID claimed to be from 406-623-3644 and “Hardin, MT”. Here’s the transcript of the voicemail message that the caller left: Hey guys this is Sara Ellis here. Hey we spoke on the phone last week [lie!] about possibly trying to… Read More »

NJ govt: Our job is to enforce red tape, not investigate criminals

I sent a detailed complaint letter to the New Jersey Attorney General’s office about a company doing business in their state which, it seems clear, is knowingly committing fraud against consumers on an ongoing basis. My letter contained all of the information that the AG’s office could possibly need to investigate the company in question.… Read More »