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PSA: Always check if your psychologist is licensed, a.k.a., how Dr. Erick A. Medina screwed over my family

A couple of years ago, my wife and I needed neuropsychological testing for one of our children. We asked around among our friends for recommendations, and Dr. Erick A. Medina of Wellesley, Massachusetts was recommended to us. We spoke with Dr. Medina and liked what we heard, so we went ahead with the testing. In… Read More »

Fleeced by a scammy web site, Paypal acts quickly to fix it

Recently our toaster broke, and although we have a “spare” toaster (long story), my wife and the kids all hate it and insisted that we replace the broken toaster, which they apparently absolutely adored, with a new one of exactly the same model. The old toaster had an unfortunate habit of its feet falling off… Read More »

Resorting to legal action against Netgear

As I wrote recently, Netgear introduced a severe bug into their router firmware around seven months ago, making all newer firmware releases since then unusable for many router owners. In the intervening time, numerous severe security holes in their routers have been publicized and patched by them. However, those of us who are running into… Read More »

Canceling my previous recommendation for

I recently recommended a flash charger for cell phones and other devices, being sold by for a great price. I stand by recommendation of that particular product, but I find it necessary to withdraw my recommendation for They strongly encourage their customers to recommend their site and products to friends and relatives, and… Read More »