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FAIL: Microsoft “My Phone”

Microsoft apparently feels the need to offer a Windows Mobile equivalent to MobileMe, but of course the Microsoft version will have the advantage of that legenday Microsoft reliability. I just got this email from Microsoft (click for a larger image): And here’s what I got when I tried to visit the My Phone Web site. … Read More »

AT&T Tilt continues the tradition of crappy Windows Mobile phones

So, I know that I said that when my phone contract expired I was going to switch to PalmOS or BlackBerry, because the software on the AT&T 8525 (a.k.a. HTC Hermes) was so sucky. But when push came to shove and I needed to buy a new phone (because I dropped the old one for… Read More »

I am *so* switching to PalmOS or BlackBerry when my Windows Mobile phone contract expires…

What kind of idiot designs a phone so that when it updates your clock for daylight saving time at two in the morning, it lets out a loud chime to let you know about it?! Did I really need to be woken up at two in the morning because my phone was so proud of… Read More »

Fixing “ghost alarms” in Windows Mobile

A common complaint of users of Windows Mobile devices is “ghost alarms.” One manifestation of this problem is when a periodic alarm scheduled by the clock application keeps triggering even when it has been disabled in the application, such that there appears to be no way to make it stop. Another manifestation is when multiple… Read More »

Turning off startup animation and sound on an HTC Windows Mobile phone (AT&T 8525)

After AT&T acquired Cingular, they released a software upgrade for the 8525, one of their Windows Mobile devices. In the upgrade, they added an extraordinarily annoying boot-time animation to the phone. When you power on, you see an animated picture of the Cingular “flying bars” and then the AT&T logo. It wouldn’t bo so bad… Read More »