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Hack of the day: easily configure Linux hosts to reboot once or always without requiring a decryption key

I have LUKS encryption configured on all of my Linux desktops and laptops, which is a pain when I need to reboot one remotely, since it prompts for the decryption key and won’t finish rebooting until the key is entered. To solve, this, I’ve written keyless-entry, which allows the user to easily configure a LUKS-encrypted… Read More »

Hack of the day: using the Google Fi “Messages for Web” app on Linux to open “tel:” links from the browser and elsewhere

Over on Github, I just published some code I wrote to implement support for “tel:” links for Google Fi’s Messages for Web app on Linux. In other words, if you have Google Fi and you use Google’s Messages for Web app on Linux, then once you’ve deployed my solution, if you click on a phone-number… Read More »

How to fix: Google Chrome on Linux always launches in full-screen mode

UPDATE [2020-07-30]: The current version of Chrome has restored the checkbox allowing people to tell Chrome to launch without prompting, so the hack described below is no longer needed. Executive summary If you’re using Google Chrome on Linux and it’s stuck in a state where every time you launch it, it starts in full-screen mode,… Read More »