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MIT Peeps: Have you heard what JonMon is up to nowadays?

This post is mostly for the benefit of my fellow MIT alumni. Remember Jonathan Monsarrat? If so, then you may have gotten the same impression of him back at the ‘tute that I did, to wit, that he gave off creep vibes. Judging from what has been written about him online since then, he’s done… Read More »

Astroturf for (or against?) Obama

An interesting comment showed up a few hours ago on an earlier blog posting of mine about Barack Obama: “Just wanted to say that I am eployed at a large Pharmaceutical company in Clayton NC and I support Barack Obama with all my heart. I would love for all my friends and colleagues to re-elect… Read More »

WordPress inadvertent disclosure bug

As I previously wrote, I recently had to change my password on over 300 Web sites because my default “medium-security password” was compromised.  The compromise was caused by a bug in the WordPress blogging platform which can result in inadvertent disclosure of information when content is pasted into the WYSIWYG text editor built into WordPress.… Read More »

Hey, LJ users! A little help?

Turns out my syndication feed ( has been broken since I installed bookmarkify in March. LJ decided that my entries were too big with all the bookmarkify links in them. So I’ve told bookmarkify to only include the Digg link and none of the others. It would have been nice if somebody at LJ… Read More »

I’m being “syndicated” on Jewneric

I’ve been invited to be a contributor to Jewneric. I’ll be “simulblogging” my Judaism-related articles on my blog here as well as on Jewneric. If one of the articles here piques your interest, you may wish to follow the comments about it on Jewneric as well as here. I’ll post cross-links at the ends of… Read More »

Take a look at It’s a new site which I’d describe as an “enlightened” version of www.f* One major difference is that people are encouraged to post about not only companies where bad things are happening, but also about companies where things are going well. Furthermore, there’s a clever community moderation system which keeps… Read More »