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Please sign this petition for United Airlines to improve the safety of its unaccompanied minors program

Annie and Perry Klebahn had a horrible experience sending their unaccompanied minor daughter on United, very similar to the experience my wife and I had sending our daughter on Continental three years ago (before Continental and United merged). Just like I did, they are trying to agitate for change, to make things better in the… Read More »

Continental (now United) up to its old tricks, losing children and not caring until the media gets wind of it

Bob Sutton writes about how earlier this summer, United Airlines (which is the merger of the old United and Continental) lost a 10-year-old girl. Aside from the exact details of how they lost her, the story is surprisingly similar to what happened to my daughter in 2009. It is depressing, but not surprising, to learn… Read More »

At least Delta handled it better than Continental did

http://news.yahoo.com/s/y_clevelan/y_clevelan_ts2493 “WOIO TV reports that Delta Airlines accidentally put a girl bound for Cleveland on a Boston flight last night, and stuck a boy bound for Boston on a Cleveland plane.” “The situation is a very serious one,” said Delta Airlines spokesman Paul Skrbec.  Yes!  Somebody actually gets that what parents want when something like… Read More »