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Endorsements for 2022 Boston MA Democratic Primary

Early voting in the 2022 Massachusetts primary starts tomorrow, and election day is September 6. Here are my endorsements for the races I’m voting in, in Boston. Themes: support progressives, support women. I’ll be helping to staff early voting at the Jackson/Mann school on Sunday, August 28. Stop by to say hi and cast your… Read More »

DisplayLink now working for some hardware for Ubuntu 21.04, 21.10 (NVIDIA is a problem)

UPDATE [2021-12-22]: With the the recently released update, 5.5.0-59.118, both Wayland and Xorg work on my PC with an Intel graphics controller, and Wayland doesn’t work on my PC with an NVIDIA controller without the proprietary NVIDIA driver, but Xorg does. I did not test whether Wayland or Xorg works with the proprietary NVIDIA controller,… Read More »

CrashPlan for Home: disputing renewal with credit-card co.

I renewed CrashPlan less than two months ago. Given CrashPlan’s refusal to refund my renewal fee now that they’re shutting down and have therefore broken their home backup service, I’ve no choice but to dispute the renewal charge with the credit card company.

Cybersecurity sales reps without a clue story of the day

I attended “SecureWorld Boston” for two days last week. Overall, it was a disappointment. I attended primarily for the educational opportunities, but the extended track I chose was less useful than I’d hoped, and I didn’t find the other presentations I attended particularly compelling. Overall, not worth my time. There was, of course, a big… Read More »