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My email identity thief is at it again

See my previous articles on this topic. The email identity thief who has been using my email address on-line for years, who apparently goes by the name Diallo Mamadou Oury in real life, has just posted this inexplicable comment on my blog. I posted a response, but I somehow doubt he’ll read or respond to… Read More »

Since Diallo Mamadou Oury is so insistent on sharing my personal information, here’s some of his

I have no idea why Diallo Mamadou Oury, who lives in Dakar, Senegal, insists on using my email address to sign up for services and web sites all over the Internet (previous postings). But since he apparently feels entitled to share my personal information without my consent, I have no compunctions about sharing his. Here’s… Read More »

Mamadou Diallo still, inexplicably, using my email address all over the internet

For some inexplicable reason, some guy who identifies himself as Mamadou Diallo, a.k.a. Bouba Diallo, has been creating accounts all over the internet using my email address for over two years now. I’ve written about this several times before. It’s still going on… I just got email indicating that he created a Yahoo! account (“m.diallo76”)… Read More »

Email identity thief strikes again

This time, my email identity thief created an account using my email address at support.mozilla.com. I received email from the site in French asking me to confirm my email address. I’ve reset the password on the account to prevent him from using it, but I can’t log into the account to see what profile information… Read More »

Mysterious identity thief uses my email address to create Skype account

As I previously reported, somebody has been interacting with Web sites using my email address. I suspect that in addition to the ones I know about, this individual is probably also doing things that I don’t know about, because I assume that not all the web sites at which he’s using my address are kind enough… Read More »

Who’s using my email address, and why?

Somebody seems to be using my email address in a weird, ongoing way that doesn’t seem to be benefiting them in any way. The fact that I can’t figure out why they’re doing it concerns me, because I have to suspect that there is some benefit to them, which I just haven’t been able to… Read More »