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What makes a bully? Part 2

I reworked my recent blog entry a bit and submitted it to the Boston Herald for consideration as a letter to the editor and/or “As You Were Saying…” (which is what the Herald calls guest op-eds) column.  Here’s the letter they published today: Good citizenship taught The school my wife and I chose for our… Read More »

What makes a bully?

The flood of news coverage about the suicide of Phoebe Prince has set me to thinking about what makes kids into bullies. My children attend JCDS, Boston’s Jewish Community Day School.  Students at all academic levels are admitted to the school.  JCDS is less concerned about intellect than about whether the student, and his or… Read More »

Welcome to the Connecticut Science Center. Now go away!

(I just sent this letter to Matt Fleury, the president and CEO of the Connecticut Science Center.) Mr. Fleury, On Friday, August 21, my family and I were “stranded” in Hartford for the weekend.  We are observant Jews, and therefore riding in cars is forbidden to us during the Sabbath, from Friday evening through Saturday… Read More »

Best movie for an 11-year-old girls’ slumber party?

Later this summer, my soon-to-be-11 daughter will be having a sleepover party to celebrate her birthday.  My wife wisely points out that allowing the girls to choose what movie to watch is guaranteed to produce winners and losers, so we’re going to pick the movie in advance.  We’ve got some ideas, but I thought it… Read More »