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Conversation with a three-year-old

3YL: “It’s time to make some art for the cat!” Me: “Art for the cat? What does that mean?” 3YL: “You know… art… like a drawing or a painting or a project.”

On “School Choice”

It’s campaign season in the US, and one of the issues that comes up during every campaign is “school choice.” “School choice” is a code word for school voucher programs, through which money would be taken away from public schools and given to private schools instead. In other words, under a school voucher program, if… Read More »

Kids say the darnedest things

Conversation with 2-year-old while washing the dishes after dinner: 2YO: Daddy, after you wash the dishes, will you put on my skirt? Me: Yes, after I wash the dishes, I will put on your skirt. Do you know where yur skirt is? 2YO: It’s with my blanket. Me: Do you know where your blanket is?… Read More »