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How to protect your anonymity online when the services you use could be breached

Twitter is in the news again with another security breach in which 235 million users’ email addresses, phone numbers, and Twitter handles were exposed. These seems like a good opportunity to talk about what you can / should do to protect yourself if you need to maintain anonymity online. The basic rule is this: if… Read More »

Scripts for using Shamir’s Secret Sharing Scheme securely

The open-source package Shamir’s Secret Sharing Scheme, or “ssss” for short, allows a relatively short secret, for example, a password or passphrase, to be split into a specified number of shares in a way that allows the entire secret to be reconstructed from only a subset of the shares. For example, you can split a… Read More »

My one indispensable infosec management tool: a simple recurring task dashboard

There is one problem that every single information security / governance / risk / compliance (GRC) organization at every company has to deal with, and that’s keeping track of all the recurring tasks that you need to do to maintain your security and compliance and ensuring that they are done on time. I’m sure that… Read More »