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Astroturf for (or against?) Obama

An interesting comment showed up a few hours ago on an earlier blog posting of mine about Barack Obama: “Just wanted to say that I am eployed at a large Pharmaceutical company in Clayton NC and I support Barack Obama with all my heart. I would love for all my friends and colleagues to re-elect… Read More »

The Obamas’ date in NYC: letter to the editor the Herald didn’t print

I sent this letter to the Boston Herald on June 8.  Unfortunately, they declined to print it.  Although I wasn’t reading the entire paper every single day around that time, I don’t recall the Herald printing a single letter, column or article defending the Obamas against the attacks on them for their “date night” in… Read More »

“Jewish Mother for Obama”

This moving pro-Obama video testimonial is by Janette Hillis-Jaffe, an Orthodox Jew living in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Hillis-Jaffe was so offended by the anti-Obama smears being circulated in the Jewish community, that she felt compelled to respond by making this video.  Some excerpts: I’m a Jewish Mother… so I worry! There was a time when I… Read More »