By | November 4, 2008

Some day I would like to be the first ballot counted by the machine on Election Day, but alas, with five kids in the house, I doubt that day will come for a while :-).

I was up before 5am — couldn’t sleep.  Got the kids up at 6:15.  Got breakfast and lunches made and packed up and out the door by 6:45am.  Got to the polls before 7:00; there was already a line.  My wife and I were the 22nd and 23rd ballots through the machine, and the line was longer when we left than when we went in.

One of the poll workers made me zip up my jacket to cover my Obama-Biden shirt, “Yes we can!” pin, and “” pin.  Go figure.

Reports are coming in from all over the place that turnout at the polls is like no one has ever seen before.  Finally, the fine citizens of the United States of America are going to reject the politics of hate and divisiveness that have ruled for far too long, and elect a president who can bring this country together and start fixing all the things that the demagogues have broken.

Yesterday was my son’s first birthday, and today is his grandfather’s birthday.  What a great birthday present this will be!

(And my son took his first unassisted steps on Sunday, one day before the deadline set by his demanding father. :-))

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2 thoughts on “Voted

  1. Dan

    I am a former election official.

    #1. Wearing campaign buttons inside the polling place is not much different from holding campaign signs inside the door, a practice which is banned.

    #2. A lot of both liberals and conservatives don’t understand this, but voting is supposed to be secret. That’s why they don’t want anyone to give any indication of how they are voting to polling workers.

    BTW, it’s also why they don’t want you to bring a camera to photograph your own ballot.

  2. Rebecca

    I can’t believe he’s one! That was a very quick year 🙂


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