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Herald letter to the editor about Madoff / Picard

Here’s the letter I originally sent to the Boston Herald, with mark-up (strikeout for removed text, green for added) showing what they actually printed today: To the editor: It is infuriating to see rich people, who can afford to give back their imaginary “profits” from Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme, whining about the actions of Irving… Read More »

Can you say “pandering to the elderly”? Tim Cahill can.

According to Margery Eagan in today’s Herald, both Deval Patrick and Charlie Baker support “some type of road testing for the elderly.”  Independent gubernatorial candidate Tim Cahill?  Not so much: “I don’t want to take away licenses from able-bodied people or force them to go through a driver’s test,” he said.  What the Legislature did,… Read More »

My letter about gambling in today’s Boston Herald

Here’s what they printed: A loser’s game The condition of our economy proves the absurdity of John Stossel’s argument that gambling should be legal because, “People are responsible for the consequences of their bad habits” (“Is it your choice to gamble? You betcha!” May 14). We’re digging ourselves out of the worst recession since 1929… Read More »

Boston Herald as cog in the vast right-wing anti-global-warming conspiracy

In a February 10 column printed in the Boston Herald, Jonah Goldberg repeats the anti-global-warming canard that severe snowstorms are evidence against global warming.  In response, I sent the following letter to the editor: To the editor: Jonah Goldberg’s recent suggestion that severe winter weather disproves global warning shows an alarming ignorance of basic science.… Read More »

Boston Herald’s Joe Fitzgerald aspires to be the next George Orwell

To: letterstoeditor@bostonherald.com To the editor: I enjoyed Joe Fitzgerald’s recent satire of the pro-life movement. I laughed so hard coffee came out my nose when I read that “the only choice [the pro-choice movement] will tolerate is its own.” It was obvious that he was joking, since it’s so patently absurd to suggest that people… Read More »