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A study in contrasts: handling stolen email lists

I try to make a habit of giving out “tagged” email addresses to web sites when I sign up for accounts / mailing lists / whatever. For example, when creating an account at widgets.com, instead of just signing up as “jik@kamens.us”, I might sign up as “jik+widgets@kamens.us”. It ends up in the same mailbox regardless,… Read More »

Bye bye Chase!

Recall my recent letter to Chase, which ended: As I see it, you have three options for what to do now: You can throw my letter in the trash. Result: I close my Chase account and get a new card from someone else. You can send me a useless, boilerplate response that does not address… Read More »

Chase does it again (or not)

I am not a big fan of Chase. I have blogged previously about why (see Late credit card payments: Citigroup good, Chase bad, “Bank error in your favor, collect $13,117.50.”, I just made some phone droid’s day). I continue to carry a Chase credit card only because I get cash back, it has no annual… Read More »

I just made some phone droid’s day

Chase keeps sending me these checks to get me to enroll in one of the various services they offer, like their “Chase Fraud Protector” service.  The deal is that depositing the check causes you to be enrolled in the program automatically, and then if you cancel within a month they don’t actually charge you anything.