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A study in contrasts: handling stolen email lists

I try to make a habit of giving out “tagged” email addresses to web sites when I sign up for accounts / mailing lists / whatever. For example, when creating an account at widgets.com, instead of just signing up as “jik@kamens.us”, I might sign up as “jik+widgets@kamens.us”. It ends up in the same mailbox regardless,… Read More »

One service offer from Chase, 16 problems, 3 clueless customer support representatives

October 16, 2009 James Dimon Chairman and CEO JPMorgan Chase & Co. 270 Park Avenue New York, NY 10017-2070 Dear Mr. Dimon, This letter concerns my Chase Visa card, account number **** **** **** ****. I am writing to describe to you Chase’s recent abject failure to provide me and others with a minimally acceptable… Read More »

Late credit card payments: Citigroup good, Chase bad

Citigroup and Chase both offered as a deal recently where we could transfer balances to our cards issued by them and get a low interest rate until the transferred balance was paid off.  Due to either sloppiness or bank error, I managed to miss a monthly payment to both cards.  How the two banks handled the… Read More »