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“60 Minutes” story about Gaza war is a perversion of journalism

The “60 Minutes” May 3 story about the 2014 Gaza War, “The Lesson of War”, was rife with implicit falsehoods, lies of commission and omission, and false moral equivalences, it painted an astoundingly inaccurate picture, thereby doing a grave disservice to listeners and to the cause of peace.

Appalling Gaza coverage in July 11, 2014 “On The Media” episode

To: onthemedia@wnyc.org Cc: letters@camera.org I just listened to your July 11 episode. I listened in HORROR to your interview with Philip Weiss of Mondoweiss. His comments were a skewed, biased, warped version of reality. That’s not surprising, since Mondoweiss itself presents a skewed, biased, warped version of reality. It is a radically anti-Israel, anti-Zionist pro-Palestinian web… Read More »

Family “Letters to the Editor” Score: +1

In today’s Boston Herald: Learn from Israel Monday, January 11, 2010 The Israelis do not use racial profiling for airport security (“European response mixed to new U.S. security demands,” Jan. 4). They use profiling, which includes patterns of behavior, coordination of intelligence and sophisticated modeling of which country of origin as but one factor. Interviews… Read More »

Capuano supports Israel’s right to self-defense, sort of

Several years ago, I wrote to Congressman Michael Capuano asking why he didn’t sign an ad published by the CJP which many other politicians signed, attesting to Israel’s right to defend itself against terrorist attacks.  A friend has pointed out that I was remiss in not posting Capuano’s response, which seems somewhat more significant now… Read More »

Outrageously biased BBC News Hour story about the blockade of Gaza

To: worldservice@bbc.co.uk Cc: letters@camera.org, kklose@npr.org, info@wbur.bu.edu To whom it may concern: I just heard on the BBC News Hour, broadcast on the NPR station WBUR of Boston, an outrageously one-sided story about Hamas and the blockade of Gaza.