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The end of the C5280 saga, the beginning of the PIXMA MP830 era

The $600 check and the four FedEx return shipping labels from HP arrived. the three C5280 printers and all of the associated photo paper and ink cartridges have been boxed up, labels have been applied, and FedEx has been called for pick-up. God willing, the check will be deposited later today. I just sent a… Read More »

The end of the C5280 saga (almost)

On the morning of May 20, I filed suit against Hewlett-Packard in small claims court. Here’s the filing, if you’re curious (click on the thumbnail for a larger view): Shortly after filing the suit, I faxed a copy of the filing to my HP case manager. On May 22, someone from HP called to discuss… Read More »

MGL Chapter 93a demand letter to HP about my C5280

__ ___ Street ____, __ _____-____ E-mail: jik@alum.mit.edu Fax: ___-___-____ Phone: ___-___-____ April 14, 2008 Hewlett-Packard Fax: ___-___-____ Ref: HP case manager ID # __________ (previously __________) To whom it may concern: This is a demand letter as required by Chapter 93a of the General Laws of Massachusetts.

HP still won’t fix my C5280 or give me my money back

A brief recap, for people who don’t want to read all of my blog postings about this problem: My HP C5280 printer doesn’t print photos properly. HP has sent me two replacement printers and four or five replacement ink cartridges, none of which have solved the problem. I have wasted around seven hours of my… Read More »

Why won’t my HP C5280 All-In-One print decent photos?

In August 2007, I bought an HP PhotoSmart C5280 that wouldn’t work with my Mac, because HP shipped buggy software and didn’t bother to actually tell anyone, and I had to jump through ridiculous hoops to find and install the fixed software. When I started trying to print photos, which was the primary use for… Read More »

HP printers: Oh, how the mighty have fallen

My loyal readers may recall my previous complaint about HP’s bungled attempt to support the Mac with its C5280 all-in-one printer. Unfortunately, my difficulties with this printer didn’t end there. Below is the letter I recently sent to HP’s CEO about the ongoing saga of my attempt to completely the presumably simple task of purchasing… Read More »