Replacing the C5280

By | June 4, 2008

So now that HP has finally agreed to take back their crappy C5280 printer and refund my money, I’m in the market for something to replace it with.

I’m leaning toward the Canon PIXMA MP830.

Any comments about Canon printers in general or this one in particular?

I’m going to be smart this time and not believe any of the hype about the quality of its photo printing. If it prints decent prints, great, but if not, we’ll just use it for everything else and use CVS or one of the other local places when we need prints.

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One thought on “Replacing the C5280

  1. abbasegal

    I was pleased with the Canon PIXMA i3000 we had at the office. It wasn’t our main printer (which was a black-and-white HP3030), and we really only used it to print color pages from papers.

    For pictures, the last time I calculated prices it was cheaper to get professional processing (e.g. ~.15 per print instead of ~.25 per home-printed print), and I trust old-fashion chemical photo process to last longer than ink-based prints.

    You don’t mention Brother, but I recently purchased a Brother MFC-465CN. The photos I print with it look great (usually when I get a note from our daughter’s school asking to send a picture the next day), but when printing fast text, it sometimes gets confused, prints about half a page, and then restarts that page. Quite annoying. (Printing in “fine” mode seems to resolve the problem). Were I you I’d have already returned it, so I wouldn’t recommend it.


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