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“This Modern World” added to comics aggregator

By way of penance for not removing JumpStart from my comics aggregator much sooner, I have added Tom Tomorrow’s This Modern World. It comes out early Tuesday mornings. There’s also a “(1-day delay)” version in case you like to read your comics in the middle of the night and don’t want to miss it. Quoting… Read More »

Two examples of why the CDC is the Keystone Kops of disease control

I want to give two examples, one medical and one technological, of the kind of buffoonery that the CDC is engaging in that continues to make them untrustworthy as a disease-control organization. Medical buffoonery Here are some things that COVID-19 research and recently collected epidemiological data are telling us at the moment: Here is what… Read More »

Why you should stop circulating that study about COVID in poop from airplanes (a.k.a. please stop screwing up the messaging about COVID safety)

It’s a bad study, it doesn’t prove anything about whether it is or isn’t safe to fly, you should stop circulating it, and you should stop and think about the impact that catastrophizing flying is having on COVID being taken seriously (or not) by the public.

“Archiving Your Tweets at Archive.Org” for Dummies

I’m all done with Twitter, but I also didn’t want to just delete my account and remove over a decade of content that I created from the internet. I’m not so arrogant as to believe that anyone’s ever going to want to look at my tweets again, but (a) maybe I will want to link… Read More »

Speaking out about “progressive” organizations giving up on COVID

A progressive organization which I have supported philosophically and financially in the past recently sent me an invitation to an in-person holiday party. I wrote back and told them how disappointed I was with their decision to do that and that they had permanently tarnished their reputation in my eyes. They did not respond. A… Read More »

Again, our leaders fail us

There’s a strong parallel between how community institutions are treating coronavirus and how they treated Trump’s ascendancy to the presidency. They haven’t learned anything, and as a result the rest of us are, once again, going to suffer. When Trump began his presidential campaign, many of us sounded the alarm early and continued to do… Read More »

On fleeing the stock market during the Second Great Depression

Cross-posted from: Do you think as the economy spiraled into the toilet in 1929, people were telling investors with money in the stock market, “Just ride it out. You’ll be fine. The fundamentals of the economy are strong. Trying to time the market is a fool’s bet.” That’s what people said when I started saying… Read More »