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Action report: “Never Again Para Nadie: Jews Against ICE Boston”, July 2, 2019

“Never Again” means never again for everyone. My thoughts about protesting ICE in Boston on July 2, 2019, and my experience being arrested during that protest.

“60 Minutes” story about Gaza war is a perversion of journalism

The “60 Minutes” May 3 story about the 2014 Gaza War, “The Lesson of War”, was rife with implicit falsehoods, lies of commission and omission, and false moral equivalences, it painted an astoundingly inaccurate picture, thereby doing a grave disservice to listeners and to the cause of peace.

“On The Media” screws up on Israel again on July 25, 2014

I find it necessary to yet again write in protest of your sloppy coverage of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

You were doing fine until the end of your interview with Sky News reporter Sherine Tadros. Alas, at the end of the interview she dropped two whoppers — outright falsehoods, which you let stand unchallenged.

Appalling Gaza coverage in July 11, 2014 “On The Media” episode

To: Cc: I just listened to your July 11 episode. I listened in HORROR to your interview with Philip Weiss of Mondoweiss. His comments were a skewed, biased, warped version of reality. That’s not surprising, since Mondoweiss itself presents a skewed, biased, warped version of reality. It is a radically anti-Israel, anti-Zionist pro-Palestinian web… Read More »

Morning Jew’s Katie Halper apparently doesn’t understand how politics, or reality, works

I suppose if a Disney Channel star and hip-hop artist are qualified to render informed opinions on the conflict in the Middle East, then “comedian, writer and filmmaker” Katie Halper is just as entitled to dive in over her head as they are. Perhaps she wanted to prove that Jews can be just as clueless… Read More »

Support for Israel

Dear President Obama, When Palestinians kidnapped and murdered three Israeli teenagers, Palestinians danced in the streets, and the terrorists were praised by PA officials. Rather than helping capture them, the PA facilitated their escape; they still have not been apprehended. Palestinians who expressed regret over the kidnapping received death threats. In contrast, when Israelis kidnapped… Read More »

Unwelcome at Stoddard’s Pub, Boston

To: Jamie Walsh, Manager, Stoddard’s Pub Subject: Poor experience at Stoddard’s Dear Jamie, I dined at Stoddard’s last night with six of my coworkers. It was not a positive experience. Our outing to Stoddard’s was one of our regular team dinners, which are about much more than just eating and drinking. They are about solidifying… Read More »