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Taking your contacts with you when you switch jobs, without stealing from your former employer

I’ve worked almost entirely for startups for the past 30+ years. It’s what I love, but switching jobs a lot comes with the territory. One of the problems I face with each switch is how to take with me outside contacts I’ve made, without compromising my soon-to-be-ex-employer’s intellectual property. Sure, I’ve added some of them… Read More »

My one indispensable infosec management tool: a simple recurring task dashboard

There is one problem that every single information security / governance / risk / compliance (GRC) organization at every company has to deal with, and that’s keeping track of all the recurring tasks that you need to do to maintain your security and compliance and ensuring that they are done on time. I’m sure that… Read More »

Hack of the day: easily configure Linux hosts to reboot once or always without requiring a decryption key

I have LUKS encryption configured on all of my Linux desktops and laptops, which is a pain when I need to reboot one remotely, since it prompts for the decryption key and won’t finish rebooting until the key is entered. To solve, this, I’ve written keyless-entry, which allows the user to easily configure a LUKS-encrypted… Read More »

“Beware of Toddler” added to comics aggregator

The Comics Kingdom (King Features Syndicate) comic strip Beware of Toddler has been added to the comics aggregator. For information about reading Comics Kingdom strips in the aggregator, see the user guide. If you enjoy the comics aggregator, please consider buying me a beer or helping with the hosting costs.

“Legend of Bill” added to Comics Aggregator

The comic strip “Legend of Bill” from Comics Kingdom has been added to the comics aggregator. For information on viewing Comics Kingdom comics within the aggregator, see the user guide. P.S. If you enjoy using the comics aggregator please consider kicking in a few bucks to support the hosting costs. P.PS. Email me if there… Read More »