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Vanguard bug temporarily rewrites history and dramatically over-reports some account values

Executive summary Some time between 6:00am US/Eastern on September 14, 2021 and 24 hours later, Vanguard rolled out an update to their web site which rewrote the historical value of some customer holdings and claimed that their holdings had gone up in value dramatically overnight. In my case, that meant that the value of one… Read More »

Another another bad user experience from Amtrak

Great news, y'all. You get two "Why is @Amtrak service so terrible?" stories in one day! How exciting! (See the last installment at #TrainTwitter 1/ I'm taking the Acela home tonight, so I figured hey, what the heck, I'll use one of my upgrade coupons to hop into first class and enjoy unbridled Acela… Read More »

Petco violates customer privacy, refuses to confirm appropriate steps were taken to mitigate incident

I recently received a shipment of cat food from Petco which, as far as I know, I had not ordered. I did have a “repeat delivery” order scheduled for that variety of cat food, but usually when Petco is about to send you a repeat delivery order they notify you by email to give you… Read More »