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Stop & Shop still treating me like a thief, still not training their employees, still not maintaining their equipment

Hey @StopandShop let me tell you why you just lost $350 of business from me. 1/ As I’ve written to you several times before (https://blog.kamens.us/2020/07/11/why-stop-shop-just-lost-500-of-my-business/, https://blog.kamens.us/2017/09/10/please-stop-shop-stop-treating-me-like-a-thief/), it’s bad enough when your Scan-It loss prevention system treats loyal, long-term customers like me as thieves. 2/ It’s even worse when it doesn’t work well. It’s even worse… Read More »

How Stop & Shop lost me as a customer

February 10, 2013 The Stop & Shop Supermarket Company, LLC Attention: Consumer Affairs 1385 Hancock Street Quincy, MA  02169 To whom it may concern: My wife and I spend over ___ on groceries every year. Until today, a large fraction of that was spent at Stop & Shop. However, after what happened to me today,… Read More »

Is it just my imagination, or does the selection at the Allston Stop & Shop really suck compared to the nearby Shaw’s?

November 22, 2009 Store Manager Stop & Shop 60 Everett Street Allston, MA 02134 Dear Sir or Madam, I like your store for several reasons: it is the closest supermarket to my house; I like the “Scan It!” system; and you give five cents back for reused bags. Unfortunately, these positives only go so far,… Read More »