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Limitations on the U.S. Postal Service “Prohibitory Order” for junk-mail prevention

If you’re anti-junk-mail (the paper stuff, not email spam) like I am, then you may have seen people recommend using a a U.S. Postal Service Prohibitory Order to stop junk mail from a particular sender when nothing else works. In a nutshell, you fill out a form telling the Postal Service that you consider the… Read More »

Comcast Tech: “Comcast already disconnected? But I’ve got to disconnect SOMETHING!”

As I’ve discussed at length, I recently switched from Comcast internet & phone to RCN + Vonage because of dissatisfaction with Comcast’s business model (i.e., rip customers off at every opportunity), pricing (i.e., not at all competitive) and customer support (i.e., awful).  I thought this afterthought might be amusing to some… When the RCN installers… Read More »

How to lower your phone + internet cost from $80 per month to $50 per month: buy your own cable modem and kick Comcast to the curb

Comcast was charging me $95 per month for internet and phone service.  That was too much. I got them to lower it to $75 per month, but I had to pay extra for all non-local and long-distance calls.  That was still too much. They raised the equipment charge for my cable modem from $3 to… Read More »

Comcast sneaks in back-door rate increase by increasing “equipment charge”

UPDATE: If you would like to help me call attention to this, Comcast’s most recent attempt to cheat its customers, please Digg this article. In a classic Gotcha Capitalism strategy, Comcast in Boston has just informed their VoIP and Internet customers that they are raising their monthly rate by $2 without actually admitting they’re doing… Read More »

The latest on the Comcast service emails debacle

After my last email to Comcast, there was a brief period of time during which service-related emails were actually being sent to me properly, i.e., they seemed to have actually fixed the problem.  However, yesterday the problem returned, i.e., once again my wife is receiving service-related emails and I’m not.

Last week, Comcast exceeded expectations; this week, not so much

I just sent this: Mr. [name elided], Thank you for your email and voicemail message. I’m sorry to say that it appears the issue with my account is not yet resolved. Early Saturday morning, Comcast sent out a service announcement with the subject “The new Comcast.net is now live”. Like all the previous service announcements,… Read More »

Comcast fixes problem <8 hours after "executive email carpet bomb"

I received voicemail and email messages from a Comcast employee less than 3½ hours after I sent my “executive email carpet bomb” (EECB), asking for more information about the issue.  I replied with details. A few hours later, less than eight hours after the EECB,  I received a voicemail message from a Comcast employee indicating… Read More »