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Limitations on the U.S. Postal Service “Prohibitory Order” for junk-mail prevention

If you’re anti-junk-mail (the paper stuff, not email spam) like I am, then you may have seen people recommend using a a U.S. Postal Service Prohibitory Order to stop junk mail from a particular sender when nothing else works. In a nutshell, you fill out a form telling the Postal Service that you consider the… Read More »

Comcast Tech: “Comcast already disconnected? But I’ve got to disconnect SOMETHING!”

As I’ve discussed at length, I recently switched from Comcast internet & phone to RCN + Vonage because of dissatisfaction with Comcast’s business model (i.e., rip customers off at every opportunity), pricing (i.e., not at all competitive) and customer support (i.e., awful).  I thought this afterthought might be amusing to some… When the RCN installers… Read More »

How to lower your phone + internet cost from $80 per month to $50 per month: buy your own cable modem and kick Comcast to the curb

Comcast was charging me $95 per month for internet and phone service.  That was too much. I got them to lower it to $75 per month, but I had to pay extra for all non-local and long-distance calls.  That was still too much. They raised the equipment charge for my cable modem from $3 to… Read More »

Comcast sneaks in back-door rate increase by increasing “equipment charge”

UPDATE: If you would like to help me call attention to this, Comcast’s most recent attempt to cheat its customers, please Digg this article. In a classic Gotcha Capitalism strategy, Comcast in Boston has just informed their VoIP and Internet customers that they are raising their monthly rate by $2 without actually admitting they’re doing… Read More »