Last week, Comcast exceeded expectations; this week, not so much

By | July 6, 2009

I just sent this:

Mr. [name elided],

Thank you for your email and voicemail message.

I’m sorry to say that it appears the issue with my account is not yet resolved.

Early Saturday morning, Comcast sent out a service announcement with the subject “The new is now live”. Like all the previous service announcements, this one was sent to my wife’s email address and was not sent to mine.

It’s disappointing that not only was your customer service organization proven to be woefully inadequate, by virtue of the fact that it took me several attempts over six months, culminating with an email blast to all of your executives, to get your attention about this problem, but now your engineering organization has also proven to be inadequate, by virtue of the fact that when the issue was finally escalated to them, they were unable to successfully determine the root cause and fix it.


Jonathan Kamens

In response to this:

Date: 6 Jul 2009 9:39am

I am with Corporate Escalations with Comcast.
I want to follow up with you to make sure that the emails from Comcast are now going to this email address (it is showing as the primary).
If it is not or this is not what you consider the primary, please contact me and we can resolve the issue over the phone.
My hours are Monday through Friday 6AM to 2:30 PM MTN time.
I look forward to talking with you.
And thank you for being a Comcast customer.
An 800 # is [elided] and ask for extension [elided]
Or call the direct number below.
You can also email me with a number to call you at.

Thank you for your time.

[name elided]
Corporate Escalations
National Customer Service Deployment Center

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