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“Beware of Toddler” added to comics aggregator

The Comics Kingdom (King Features Syndicate) comic strip Beware of Toddler has been added to the comics aggregator. For information about reading Comics Kingdom strips in the aggregator, see the user guide. If you enjoy the comics aggregator, please consider buying me a beer or helping with the hosting costs.

“Legend of Bill” added to Comics Aggregator

The comic strip “Legend of Bill” from Comics Kingdom has been added to the comics aggregator. For information on viewing Comics Kingdom comics within the aggregator, see the user guide. P.S. If you enjoy using the comics aggregator please consider kicking in a few bucks to support the hosting costs. P.PS. Email me if there… Read More »

Comics in comics aggregator are now sorted

If you use my comics aggregator, you may have noticed that a month or so ago the comics on your page started appearing in a different, random order each day. This was the result of an upgrade to the version of Perl being used by the aggregator. In the old version of Perl, the order… Read More »

What the heck is going on with syndication for the “Edge City” comic strip

TLDR Edge City is now being syndicated online by two different comic-strip syndicates. I’ve never seen that before and I have no idea what the heck is going on. There’s this comic strip, Edge City, which ended new strips in 2016, but reruns of the strip continued to syndicated online, and presumably in some newspapers… Read More »

“Tina’s Groove” and “Edge City” unavailable in comics aggregator due to Comics Kingdom shenanigans

Users of my comics aggregator who are also Comics Kingdom subscribers may have noticed that Tina’s Groove and Edge City have been missing in the aggregator for more than a week. This is because they are also missing on Comics Kingdom, which has stopped updating them without explanation. This is not the first step this… Read More »