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Why I’ve removed “Pearls Before Swine” from my comics aggregator

Today, I removed the comic strip “Pearls Before Swine” by Stephan Pastis from my comics aggregator. Here’s why… Over the years, Pastis has run many strips whose basic theme can be summarized as “Both sides in American politics are the same.” He ran one like that just a few weeks ago. Then, yesterday, he ran… Read More »

“Legend of Bill” added to Comics Aggregator

The comic strip “Legend of Bill” from Comics Kingdom has been added to the comics aggregator. For information on viewing Comics Kingdom comics within the aggregator, see the user guide. P.S. If you enjoy using the comics aggregator please consider kicking in a few bucks to support the hosting costs. P.PS. Email me if there… Read More »

New “Ask a Manager (1-day delay)” in comics aggregator

In addition to “Ask a Manager” which already existed in the comics aggregator, there is now also “Ask a Manager (1-day delay)” which gives you yesterday’s Ask a Manager columns. I recommend this for most people who only visit the aggregator once a day, since Alison Green, the author of Ask a Manager publishes new… Read More »

Columnist Damon Young added to comics aggregator, “Strong Female Protagonist” removed

Washington Post columnist Damon Young has been added to the comics aggregator. Note that he publishes on an intermittent schedule so you shouldn’t expect to see him daily. My wife and I both find his writing to be insightful, thought-provoking, and a pleasure to read, and we highly recommend him. I have at long last… Read More »