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Dilbert was broken, now fixed in comics aggregator

Yesterday, the folks over at changed their RSS feed, which is what the comics aggregator was using before to fetch Dilbert, so that method no longer works. Therefore, I had to refactor the Dilbert support in the aggregator. It should be working again. Please let me know if it isn’t. And please consider supporting… Read More »

King Features Syndicate comics currently unavailable

The folks at the King Features Syndicate have always made their comics harder to aggregate than those of any of the other syndicates. I had implemented a convoluted workaround involving redirecting requests for images of their comics through the comics aggregator itself, where various special headers were inserted into the request to convince the King… Read More » added to comics aggregator

I’ve added the comics aggregator. And there was much rejoicing. Alas, because of the architecture of the aggregator, I can’t easily serve up the alt text that Randall attaches to the strips. :-/ As always, feel free to show your appreciation. 🙂  

Comics added to aggregator

By popular demand, I’ve added Mallard Fillmore, Prickly City, Broom Hilda, Calvin and Hobbes, Beetle Bailey, and The Born Loser to the comics aggregator. As always, feel free to show your appreciation. 🙂  

Comics added to aggregator

By popular demand (i.e., somebody asked), the following comics have been added to my comics aggregator: Banana Triangle Birdbrains Dog Eat Doug F Minus Ink Pen Luann The Other Coast Overboard Pluggers Rubes Scary Gary Strange Brew Enjoy! P.S. If you find the aggregator useful, please consider making a donation. Thanks!  

UPDATED: “Basic Instructions” added to comics aggregator

I’ve added “Basic Instructions” to my comics aggregator. Tip of that hat to Seth Gordon for pointing me at this fine comic! UPDATE: Because the author of “Basic Instructions” sometimes publishes his strip after people have already read their daily comics, I’ve also added “Basic Instructions (1-day delay)”, so you can use that one instead… Read More » has merged into

For those who use my comics aggregator, note that as of yesterday, the web site has merged into I’ve just updated the aggregator to reflect this. The comic strip “That’s Life” appears to have been lost in the shuffle; I’ll check again at some point in the future to see if it resurfaces… Read More »