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Comics added to aggregator

By popular demand (i.e., somebody asked), the following comics have been added to my comics aggregator: Banana Triangle Birdbrains Dog Eat Doug F Minus Ink Pen Luann The Other Coast Overboard Pluggers Rubes Scary Gary Strange Brew Enjoy! P.S. If you find the aggregator useful, please consider making a donation. Thanks!  

UPDATED: “Basic Instructions” added to comics aggregator

I’ve added “Basic Instructions” to my comics aggregator. Tip of that hat to Seth Gordon for pointing me at this fine comic! UPDATE: Because the author of “Basic Instructions” sometimes publishes his strip after people have already read their daily comics, I’ve also added “Basic Instructions (1-day delay)”, so you can use that one instead… Read More » has merged into

For those who use my comics aggregator, note that as of yesterday, the web site has merged into I’ve just updated the aggregator to reflect this. The comic strip “That’s Life” appears to have been lost in the shuffle; I’ll check again at some point in the future to see if it resurfaces… Read More »

Comics aggregator now supports short links

For those of you who use my comics aggregator, there’s now a “get short link” button at the bottom you can use to get a Bitly link for the comics page you’re currently viewing. So you can build up exactly the configuration you want in terms of which comics you want to see, and then… Read More »

GoComics fixed in comics aggregator

For those of you who use my comics aggregator, please note that the charming folks at mucked with their site again, possibly to make aggregators like mine more difficult to implement (they want your eyeballs and your clicks on their ads!), and I’ve just fixed the aggregator to compensate for their changes, so their… Read More »

height of single-panels now limited automatically

For users of my comics aggregator… When switched to their redesigned Web site, they started exporting much larger versions of their single-panel comics.  This is annoying, so I’ve fixed the aggregator to notice comics from taller than 400 pixels and restrict their display height to 400 pixels. jumps the shark

Users of my comics aggregator might have noticed that it has been slow for the past few days and has had problems retrieving comics that are hosted at It appears that rolled out a new version of their Web site over the weekend.  After the rollout, it had problems, to say the least. … Read More »