Carolyn Hax live chat for July 28 fixed in comics aggregator

By | July 31, 2023

If you read Carolyn Hax through the comics aggregator (and you really should, she’s amazing!), you may have noticed that there was no live chat listed on July 28, or on July 29 if you read the one-day-delayed version of her feed (which you probably should, because it’s faster and more reliable).

This is because the aggregator does some magic to cope with the fact that the live chat links are published a week or more in advance of the actual chat, and depending on when they are published, exactly how they are formatted, and whether the chat ends up getting rescheduled, sometimes the magic doesn’t work.

This has been fixed in the database so that chat is now showing up on the correct day, but of course if you read the aggregator daily you won’t see that, so you can read the formerly misplaced chat here.

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One thought on “Carolyn Hax live chat for July 28 fixed in comics aggregator

  1. deborah

    this post this morning led to spend a substantial chunk of lunch and this evening rereading old Ask A Manager posts, and I enjoyed myself immensely.


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