Comcast is better at damage control than Continental

By | July 2, 2009

A letter I just received from Comcast:

Mr. Kamens

We can contact you the next time we send a service email to ensure you properly receive it. If that is something you would like us to do just let me know.

Regarding the data discrepancy, our first task was repairing your account. We will continue to look into this in a broader way as you suggest to seek a root cause and repair any similar discrepancies that we find.

I agree with your remaining questions/comments pertaining to customer service. There is no explanation for our failure to respond and properly escalate. We will perform a root cause on this aspect of the issue by looking at the history of you calls and use the learnings to improve.

These root cause investigations are part of our normal process for an escalation of this type because it clearly shouldn’t take this level of exposure for you to receive proper support and issue resolution.

Once again, I apologize for the issue and associated inconvenience. Please let know if you would like us to contact you to confirm the next service email.

Thank you,


Although I’m obviously not pleased that it took six months and an EECB to get this issue resolved, I can honestly say that, at least today, Comcast exceeded my expectations.

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