Comcast fixes problem <8 hours after "executive email carpet bomb"

By | July 2, 2009

I received voicemail and email messages from a Comcast employee less than 3½ hours after I sent my “executive email carpet bomb” (EECB), asking for more information about the issue.  I replied with details.

A few hours later, less than eight hours after the EECB,  I received a voicemail message from a Comcast employee indicating that the issue had been caused by a “database discrepancy” which was now fixed.

Here’s the email message I sent in response to that voicemail message.  I don’t actually expect a substantive response, but I figure it was worth a shot:

To: “Bowling, Mitch” <>
Subject: Re: Comcast sends service announcements to wrong email address for six months, ignores customer’s efforts to fix

Mr. Bowling,

I received a voicemail message from Paul Fratz at your National Service Desk about 25 minutes ago indicating that my issue had been resolved.  I hope that he is correct, although of course I have no way of knowing for certain until the next service announcement is sent out by Comcast and I receive it.  On the other hand, let me ask you this: if the issue was resolved incorrectly, such that now neither my wife nor I are properly subscribed to receive service announcements, how will I know?

In any case, there are much bigger issues than just ensuring that I personally am properly subscribed to receive service announcements.  In particular:

  • I’m sure you will agree that it is highly unlikely that I am the one and only Comcast customer with this issue, although I may be the only one who actually noticed it.  Has your team taken steps to determine what other customers are impacted by a similar database discrepancy and corrected the issue for them as well?
  • Will your team be searching for the root cause of the database discrepancy and fixing it so that similar discrepancies are not introduced into your databases in the future?
  • Why did it take six months and an email bomb to all of Comcast’s senior executives for me to get this issue resolved?  In particular:
    • It is not acceptable that your email customer service representatives were incapable of resolving this issue or escalating it to people who could resolve it.
    • It is not acceptable that your New England Executive Customer Care department ignored me when I solicited their help at getting this issue resolved.
    • It is not acceptable that Nancy Tardif in your national Executive Customer Care department ignored me when I responded to her email.

    Will the service failures I experienced be investigated and addressed so that I and others receive better service from Comcast in the future?

Thank you for your time.


Jonathan Kamens

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