Comcast Tech: “Comcast already disconnected? But I’ve got to disconnect SOMETHING!”

By | December 31, 2009

As I’ve discussed at length, I recently switched from Comcast internet & phone to RCN + Vonage because of dissatisfaction with Comcast’s business model (i.e., rip customers off at every opportunity), pricing (i.e., not at all competitive) and customer support (i.e., awful).  I thought this afterthought might be amusing to some…

When the RCN installers came, they disconnected the Comcast cable from the side of my house and connected the RCN cable in its place.  There’s a second cable entering my basement in the same location, to which is connected an antenna cable descending from my attic (as I described here).

One evening a few days after I canceled my Comcast service, I turned on our television and discovered that none of the channels were working.  After spending about a half hour verifying that the antenna was the problem (by restarting the Media Center computer, moving the antenna cable from the computer to the TV, and checking all of the cable connections in the basement), I went outside to check the connections at the side of the house and discovered that someone had disconnected the attic antenna cable.

Apparently, the Comcast technician sent to our house to disconnect our service couldn’t handle the fact that it was already disconnected and felt compelled to disconnect something.  Either that, or he couldn’t tell the difference between a white antenna cable descending from an attic exhaust vent and a black Comcast cable connected to the house from the street, even though the Comcast cable, conveniently enough, had a tag with “Comcast” written on it.

(Oh, and by the way… Hey Comcast, thanks for almost causing us to miss the penultimate Glee episode of the season because Media Center had no signal to record it from.  Good thing Glee episodes are available on-line!)

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