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Dear RCN, please stop blocking ports and lying to customers about it

Dear RCN, I’ve been an RCN internet customer for five years. You are superior to Comcast, the other provider on my street (and thank God I have access to two providers, when so many people don’t!) in many ways. In other ways, you were superior to Comcast when I signed up, but since then you’ve changed your policies and… Read More »

How to lower your phone + internet cost from $80 per month to $50 per month: buy your own cable modem and kick Comcast to the curb

Comcast was charging me $95 per month for internet and phone service.  That was too much. I got them to lower it to $75 per month, but I had to pay extra for all non-local and long-distance calls.  That was still too much. They raised the equipment charge for my cable modem from $3 to… Read More »