Boston Herald rude sales people won’t leave us alone

By | February 12, 2014
To: Boston Herald home delivery department
Subject: Rude sales call from Boston Herald

My wife and I (you can find us in your records under our home phone number [elided]) are no longer Boston Herald subscribers. We currently have no desire to resume our subscription. Since we canceled our subscription, your sales department has called us several times trying to get us to resume. This needs to stop. The most recent call, a few minutes ago, was incredibly rude.

Phone: <rings>

Me: <answering the phone> Hello?

Boston Herald: Can I please speak to Andrea Kamens?

Me: May I ask who’s calling please?

BH: It’s the Boston Herald. Are you still having that delivered?

Me: No, we’ve cancelled our subscription, and we’re sick of you calling and trying to get us to resume it.

BH: Did I say anything about that?

Me: Fine, then why did you call us?

BH: Actually, I didn’t call you, I called Andrea, and you’re obviously not her, so I’ll try her again later. <click>

I know inside sales is a tough job and the people doing it get a lot of abuse, but this is not OK. One of the reasons they get abused is when they keep calling people who have made it clear that they aren’t interested. And it’s perfectly reasonable for someone who has been called repeatedly by sales guys to tell one of them to cut it out, without getting a rude, snarky response.

I hope you will do something about the rude way in which I was just treated. And I hope you will stop calling us about resuming our Herald subscription. When/if we want to resume, we’ll be in touch. Believe me, we know how to reach you.

  Jonathan Kamens

P.S. If you go to on your web site, there is a link above the contact form which says, “For Home Delivery inquiries please click here,” pointing at That page doesn’t exist.

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