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Boston Herald as cog in the vast right-wing anti-global-warming conspiracy

In a February 10 column printed in the Boston Herald, Jonah Goldberg repeats the anti-global-warming canard that severe snowstorms are evidence against global warming.  In response, I sent the following letter to the editor: To the editor: Jonah Goldberg’s recent suggestion that severe winter weather disproves global warning shows an alarming ignorance of basic science.… Read More »

Seat belt law opponents are either idiots or liars

To: letterstotheeditor@bostonherald.com To the editor: It has been painful to watch the avalanche of flawed statistics and discredited urban legends wielded by opponents of a primary enforcement seat-belt law in their foolhardy efforts to stop a law which would undeniably save lives. Jonah Goldberg informs us that since there are states with higher traffic fatality… Read More »