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Synology Drive Client for Linux has a data-loss bug Synology refuses to fix; here’s a workaround

[For the record, as of January 12, 2023, this bug still isn’t fixed in the current version, 7.2.1, of Synology Drive Client for Linux, more than two years after I reported it to Synology. The workaround described below still works. However, thanks to the assistance of an extremely helpful and competent Synology support engineer, I… Read More »

Let’s Encrypt with Synology NAS when you can’t open port 80

UPDATE [2022-02-06]: I’m fairly certain nothing in this blog posting is needed anymore with the current version of Synology’s NAS software (DSM). My NAS’s SSL certificate has been renewing automatically for quite a while now without my ever needing to use this script. I don’t know what mechanism DSM is now using to renew Let’s… Read More »