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BBYO is as bad about junk mail as they are about spam

I’ll give BBYO credit for one thing: they’re nothing if not consistent. Readers of my blog may recall my tale of woe of my many attempts over many months to get BBYO to stop spamming my wife. The spam finally stopped, but I’m sorry to say that I have now been attempting for more than… Read More »

Please sign this petition for United Airlines to improve the safety of its unaccompanied minors program

Annie and Perry Klebahn had a horrible experience sending their unaccompanied minor daughter on United, very similar to the experience my wife and I had sending our daughter on Continental three years ago (before Continental and United merged). Just like I did, they are trying to agitate for change, to make things better in the… Read More »

“Keeping the Boston Herald honest” department

I had another letter printed in the Herald a few days ago. Here’s what I originally sent them, showing what they edited out: Subject: Scareconomics To the editor: Absent from the Herald’s article about the Pike’s loss of ad revenue (“‘EZ’ Go: Pike to Lose $500G”, Dec. 5) was any concrete discussion of the net… Read More »

Trip to Revere from hell

I just spent a gut-wrenchingly unpleasant three-hour swath of life. I’m hoping that maybe pouring it all into a blog posting I’m sure no one will read might be at least a little cathartic and might perhaps loosen the angry fist that has been painfully gripping my stomach for the last hour and a half… Read More »

PayFlex complaint letter

July 23, 2010 PayFlex Systems USA, Inc. 10802 Farnam Drive, Suite 100 Omaha, NE 68154 To whom it may concern: I am very pleased with your administration of my medical FSA for my employer, Advent Software, Inc. Your Web site works well, I love being able to upload receipts as PDF files, and your debit-card… Read More »

At least Delta handled it better than Continental did “WOIO TV reports that Delta Airlines accidentally put a girl bound for Cleveland on a Boston flight last night, and stuck a boy bound for Boston on a Cleveland plane.” “The situation is a very serious one,” said Delta Airlines spokesman Paul Skrbec.  Yes!  Somebody actually gets that what parents want when something like… Read More »

Ignorance on parade in today’s Herald

In a letter to the editor in today’s Boston Herald, Harry Shuris of Winchester mocked the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission for forcing a recall of a novelty chair decorated with lead paint.  His letter ended as follows: Message to the USCPSC: Pencils contain “excessive amounts of lead.” I would venture to say that at… Read More »

Banning the burka

Movements are underway all over the world to ban the wearing in public of the burqa, the niqab, and other garments worn by some Muslim women.  Most recently, the lower house of Belgium’s parliament has just passed a burqa ban, although it will not become law unless / until it is also passed by the… Read More »