Various books on random topics up for grabs

By | August 14, 2016

I am cleaning house and getting rid of books. Please contact me if you would like any of these and you live close enough to me that a hand-off is feasible:


  • The New Hacker’s Dictionary, edited by Eric Raymond, ISBN 0-262-68069-6
  • The Turing Omnibus, by A.K. Dewdney, ISBN 0-7167-8154-9


  • Selections from Sha’ar Yosef, by Rabbi Yosef Shani, translated from the original Hebrew Articles (topics: Nefesh, Neshama, and the 613 Mitzvot; Reincarnation in Jerusalem; Reincarnation in Tzefat)
  • Tree of Life: An Anthology of Articles Appearing in The Jewish Vegetarian, edited by Philip L. Pick, ISBN 0-498-01945-4
  • The Laws & Customs of The Jewish Wedding, by Rabbi Gavriel Zinner, ISBN 1-56062-120-6
  • The Mystical Glory of Shabbath and Pesach, by M. Glazerson, ISBN 0-87306-2515
  • Zakhor: Jewish History and Jewish Memory, by Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi, ISBN 0-295-95939-8
  • Jewish Legends of the Second Commonwealth, by Judah Nadich, ISBN 0-8276-0212-X
  • Legacy of Sinai: A History of Torah Transmission, with World Backgrounds, From creation through close of Geonic era, 1-4800, by Rabbi Zechariah Fendel
  • The Hidden Children: The Secret Survivors of the Holocaust, by Jane Marks, ISBN 0-449-90685-X
  • המועדים בהלכה, מאת הרב שלמה יוסף זוין, הוצאת בית הלל ירושלים
  • ילקוט מעם לועז, ספר שמות חלק ראשון, הגדה של פסח
  • ילקוט שמעוני
  • Sinai Journeys: The Route of the Exodus, by M. Har-El, ISBN 0-86628-016-2
  • The Macmillan Atlas of the Holocaust, by Martin Gilbert, ISBN 0-02-543380-6
  • To Give Them Light: The Legacy of Roman Vishniac, preface by Elie Wiesel, edited by Marion Wiesel, ISBN 0-671-63872-6
  • People of the Book: An Artistic Exploration of the Bible, by Jossi Stern, ISBN 0-529-05639-9
  • These Holy Sparks: The Rebirth of the Jewish People, by Arthur Waskow, ISBN 0-06-069263-4


  • Faith & Power: The Politics of Islam, by Edward Mortimer, ISBN 0-394-71173-4

Miscellaneous non-fiction

  • Thinking and Deciding, by Jonathan Baron, ISBN 0-521-34800-5
  • Holding Time: The Program for Happy Mothers and Loving, Self-Confident Children Without Tantrums, Tugs-of-War, or Sibling Rivalry (whew!), by Martha G. Welch, M.D., ISBN 0-671-68878-2
  • History of Africa, by Kevin Shillington, missing its front and back cover


  • Suite Française, by Irène Némirovsky, ISBN 0-676-97770-7
  • Our Only May Amelia, by Jennifer L. Holm, ISBN 0-06-440856-6
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