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On sugar bowls and psychology

We have a ceramic sugar bowl with a loop on the side which holds a small sugar spoon. When the spoon is inserted with the open side of the spoon facing the bowl, it fits properly, all the way into the loop. When the spoon is inserted with the rounded bottom fo the spoon facing… Read More »

Destined for happiness

Sighted downtown today, a young couple holding hands, with “matching” T-shirts. Hers: “I always get what I want.” His: “It’s all about me.” This pair is surely destined for a long, happy life together.  

A present I would rather have done without

There has been a polite little family of mice sharing our house, aside from the domesticated variety safely ensconced in their aquarium. I call them polite because they never left droppings anywhere in plain sight, and because they resisted all human food, confining their snacking to the commercial mouse food in our bathroom closet and… Read More »

Too clever by half, then not clever enough

Upon our arrival in Cleveland last Friday afternoon after a three-day drive from Boston, we hastily emptied the car before the start of the Sabbath.  Imagine my dismay to discover that the duffel bag containing all of my clothes was missing!  I had put my clothes for the trip in my backpack, so that I… Read More »

Coining a new phrase

While discussing with my wife a product which is so poorly designed that it’s an absolute marvel that it made it to into manufacturing: “The team that designed this was definitely a few monkeys short of infinity.”

Bad customer service is bad for business

Shortly after I went after Sprint for horrendously bad customer service, their CEO stepped down as the company was about to announce yet another bad quarter. Shortly after I went after Motorola for horrendously bad customer service and deceptive marketing, their CEO was replaced after the company announced another bad quarter. This is not coincidence.