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By | December 13, 2010

I had another letter printed in the Herald a few days ago. Here’s what I originally sent them, showing what they edited out:

Subject: Scareconomics

To the editor:

Absent from the Herald’s article about the Pike’s loss of ad revenue (“‘EZ’ Go: Pike to Lose $500G”, Dec. 5) was any concrete discussion of the net gain resulting from the merger. In fact, the merger eliminates redundant positions whose cost far exceeds that of the lost ad revenue.

Furthermore, the article states misleadingly in the fourth paragraph that the merger is forcing the Pike to replace its signs, while burying at the end of the 14th paragraph the fact that the signs are due for replacement anyway.

The Herald advocated for years for the Pike and the Highway Department to be merged to eliminate waste. No Republican governor endorsed by the Herald was ever able to pull it off, but Deval Patrick finally made it happen. If you insist on using facts taken out of context to score political points, the least you could do is try to be a little less obvious about it.


Jonathan Kamens

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