Ted Belman and the anti-Obama Smear Machine

By | May 13, 2008

Right-wing pro-Israel blogger Ted Belman has recently embarrassed himself by joining the stampede of conservative Republicans so desperate to keep Senator Barack Obama out of the White House that they’ll say just about anything to scare people out of voting for him.

Make no mistake, Belman and his ilk are scared. The smear tactics which worked so well against John Kerry in 2004 just don’t seem to be working on Obama. So, what’ an ideologue to do? The answer, apparently, is to take a gaggle of absurd accusations against Obama, combine them into a hastily written hodgepodge of rumor and innuendo, and throw them out into the blogosphere in the hope that “a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”

Here’s what the smear-mongers want you to believe:

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