ExtremePDA.com rocks!

By | May 12, 2008

It gives me great pleasure today to write not about yet another bad consumer experience, but rather about an awesome one.

I recently ordered from ExtremePDA.com a new Krusell case for my HTC Hermes PDA Phone, after the old case I bought from Cingular (which they apparently no longer sell, at least not on-line, but which closely resembled this one) with the phone wore out.

When the new case arrived, I found that when I used the spring clip included with the case, it fell off my belt several times per day. The old case pretty much never fell off, so this was definitely a step in the wrong direction. After it fell off and I didn’t notice it was gone for an hour (fortunately this happened when I was at home rather than in transit), I decided I really needed to do something about it, so I emailed ExtremePDA and asked which Krusell clip I could buy (Krusell cases have interchangeable clips) that wouldn’t allow the case to fall off like the spring clip.

ExtremePDA responded quickly and told me not to bother buying another clip — they’d send me the right one for free. True to their word, a few days later I received a package from them with two clips in it. I’ve been using one of them since then, and the case hasn’t fallen off my belt once.

ExtremePDA was prompt and responsive and solved my problem without nickel-and-diming me. They clearly understand what customer service is all about. For that, I will surely give them more business in the future should the opportunity arise, and I encourage you to do the same!

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One thought on “ExtremePDA.com rocks!

  1. Sam

    It’s all because you have a WinMob thingie.

    Get a treo and it’ll never fall off your belt 🙂


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