Honda Village up to its old tricks

By | April 25, 2019

Long-time readers of my blog will remember the saga of Honda Village, which offended me to the nth degree after we bought a minivan from them back in 2007, first by incessantly spamming my wife and me for many months despite many requests for them to stop, and then by incessantly sending us junk mail — including intentionally deceptive junk mail designed to trick the recipient into opening it by being vague and misleading about its contents — again despite many requests for them to stop.

This culminated late in 2011 when I brought our minivan to Honda Village for service and the service manager pulled me into an office and informed me that their dealership would not service my vehicle, i.e., they fired me as a customer.

I’m sorry to say that they’re up to their old tricks. A few days ago I received this in the mail:

“Important” mailing from Honda about our minivan

Wow, that SURE LOOKS IMPORTANT, doesn’t it? Of course, it isn’t. This is what’s on the inside:

I gave them a piece of my mind about it on Twitter:

I doubt it will do any good, but you gotta do what you gotta do.

Folks, avoid this dealership. They are scum.

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