By | July 24, 2010

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Our family is celebrating my oldest daughter’s bat mitzvah in Israel this summer in a somewhat non-traditional way. She chose the David and Goliath story as the text for her bat mitzvah study project, and she will be giving a presentation on what she has learned followed by a tour of the Elah Valley, where the battle took place. You don’t take a busload of people into the Judean hills in the middle of the summer without having enough water for everyone, and we decided a neat way to accomplish that would be to give souvenir water bottles to our guests.

The design to be printed on the bottles was produced by Deb Houben, who also did our invitations. She’s a fabulous artist and a fabulous graphic designer, and if you need some design work done, you should definitely drop her a line (more info here).

We turned to Google, of course, to find a company to produce the water bottles for us. We ended up at, which has a huge selection of all different kinds of water bottles at reasonable prices and with easy, straightforward ordering. We ordered our bottles from them after business hours on July 15, and they arrived July 23. I was able to easily watch their progress of our order through a tracking page on their Web site. The end result is exactly what we wanted.

Overall, the experience was extremely positive, and I encourage anyone who is looking to purchase imprinted water bottles or any of the other merchandise that offers (mugs and water bottles, obviously, plus lots of other stuff) to give them a try.

(Incidentally, for those of you who are familiar with Jewish life and are wondering why my daughter studied a selection from the Prophets for her bat mitzvah rather than a Torah parsha… We belong to an Orthodox synagogue which doesn’t go in for the whole women’s prayer group thing, so reading Torah for her bat mitzvah at our synagogue wasn’t really an option. There are other communities in which we participate where she could have read Torah, but she wasn’t really interested in doing that, and we were comfortable letting her observe her bat mitzvah in a different way that would be meaningful to her.)

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