Rec: Colonial Shoe Repair in Boston, MA

By | March 13, 2013

I heartily recommend Colonial Shoe Repair in downtown Boston, MA. They took my wife’s pair of leather boots which were scuffed and salt-encrusted and had a broken zipper, and in a week replaced the zipper perfectly and cleaned, reconditioned, and waterproofed the boots to make them look almost like new.

They charged $60 for the zipper replacement and $35 for the other work. I’m not sure what I would have paid for the same work done somewhere else, but I do know that the quality of the work is very good (you get what you pay for!) and the boots cost several times that when they were new.

The proprietor originally said the boots would be ready in a little over a week, on a Thursday. However, I stopped by the shop Wednesday morning and asked if it was possible to have them finished a day early because it was expected to snow that night, and he was able to finish them that day, a day earlier than originally promised. Readers of my blog know that not all small businesses deliver when promised.

In my experience, Colonial Shoe Repair is a reliable business that does high-quality work and deserves your business.

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