Neighborhood CVS reneges on agreement to allow neighbors to park in lot, has them towed

By | March 1, 2023

[If you’re just arriving at this story for the first time, start here.]

Chapter 3: The Verdict

Alas, the magistrate ruled in favor of CVS, so I’m out the $150 towing fee, plus the $4.60 for the letter I sent them demanding reimbursement, plus the $40 small claims fee. D’oh.

These decisions do not typically come with any sort of explanation, and indeed mine didn’t, so I don’t know whether she didn’t find me credible or thinks CVS didn’t do anything wrong by letting us park in their lot for 25 years and then towing us without any notice.

I don’t regret trying to hold CVS accountable. Alas, this time it was not to be.

As I noted previously, I could have made my case stronger by getting a statement from the towing company that they had previously been instructed not to tow from the rear lot at night, but I don’t regret not trying to do that, for the reasons I previously outlined.

Sometimes you roll the dice on a $40 bet and wasting an afternoon in court and lose. Such is life.

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