Hack of the day “Jobs Filterer for LinkedIn”, Chrome extension for filtering lists of jobs in LI

By | March 4, 2023

Because I’m job-hunting, I’m spending a lot of time on LinkedIn reviewing the jobs that it recommends to me as well as job search results. I’ve therefore learned through bitter experience that although LinkedIn is pretty good at showing you jobs that are relevant to you, it’s very bad at not showing you jobs that aren’t.

(Incidentally, if anyone can explain to me why the job search results for “director information security” should include a job with the title “Alterations Specialist” working for David’s Bridal, I’d sure love to hear that explanation, because I am sincerely curious.)

I finally got fed up enough with this to do something about it: I wrote a Chrome / Firefox extension which allows me to automatically filter out jobs I don’t want to see via regular expression matches against job titles, companies, and locations.

If this sounds like something you might find useful, you can add it to Chrome from the Chrome Web Store or Firefox add-ons site. The source code is available for your perusal in Github. Share and enjoy!

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